Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Gecko Vacation

English: A juvenile leopard gecko

Your Leopard Gecko is actually one of the easier pets to care for during a vacation. The older the gecko, the easier it is as well. Before we left, we went out and bought a light timer. Light timers plug directly into your outlet and allow you to set a daily time range for the outlet power. The heat lamp can be plugged into one of these (remember to have the light in the ON state). I had it set to give Artemis 10 hours of heat lamp each day, just as her normal schedule does.

You can leave the under the tank heater on like normal. That is what we did. So that solves the heating and light issues for the vacation. But what about food and water?

The absolute best way to handle a vacation is to have someone come over and feed your gecko on a schedule. We had my girlfriend’s sister do this for Artemis. She came over on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to feed Artemis and change her water. This worked out well for all of us. Artemis stayed fed with fresh water available, and my girlfriend’s sister only had to visit 3 times during our 6 days away.

Artemis is old enough that she doesn’t eat daily. But even if you gecko eats daily, they will be fine with a week or two of every-other-day feedings. Just make sure they’re getting their vitamins and calcium during those feedings and everything will be fine.

So that’s it. That’s how we recommend you care for your Leopard Gecko during a vacation. No fancy medicines like you might have to carry for a dog.

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